Letter from the Editor

          Since our first few posts, we have been discussing how to shape this blog into what we ultimately want: a blog created as a place to showcase works by young dramaturgs in order to archive our thoughts and store our processes. We hope, with the growth of the blog, to get a better idea... Continue Reading →


Stories from History, or How I Found my Art as a Dramaturg

     A couple of weeks ago, I was waiting at the bus stop with a close friend when the subject of dramaturgy came up. This friend had only a vague idea of my role in a production, so I walked him through, step by step, my dramaturgical process for Much Ado About Nothing. I told... Continue Reading →

In the Rehearsal Room: Faustus

            Next fall, the first quarter of my senior year, I have been assigned to work on the play Faustus by Rupert Goold and Ben Powers after Christopher Marlowe. Krissy Vanderwarker, the wonderful, limit-pushing Artistic Director of Dog and Pony Theatre here in Chicago, is the director. I had the chance to work with... Continue Reading →

Why Dramaturgy?

Mike Doyle is a first year Dramaturgy/Criticism major. He is currently working as the Assistant Dramaturg for Faustus by Rupert Goold and Ben Powers.  Matthew Messina is a first year Dramaturgy/Criticism Major. He is currently working as the assistant dramaturg for The Theatre School at DePaul University’s upcoming production of The Witches.    Where are we... Continue Reading →

The Dramaturgy of Hope

         I didn’t clap at all during the four standing ovations the actors of Belarus Free Theatre received after their premiere performance of Being Harold Pinter at the Goodman Theatre back in January.  Instead, I stood paralyzed as I watched the humble cast bowing through their cascade of tears. My hands clasped together pushing up... Continue Reading →

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