Tell Me a Story and I Will Listen

by Catherine Miller “a safe place to do the unsafe things that need to be done"- John Patrick Shanley Events in your life, books you read, people you meet, and other aspects make up the person you are today. This includes those bits of inspiration that lead one to pursue, or not pursue, a particular... Continue Reading →


New Play Dramaturgy for Nancy Drew – Equal Parts Inspiration and Investigation

by Anna Bosy The dramaturg’s job is to illuminate the story. As a double major in Theatre Arts and Art History, I was lucky to discover the field of dramaturgy because it encompasses both of my interests. Working as a dramaturg allows me to explore themes, history, and socio-political culture in the hopes of inspiring... Continue Reading →

Clarity? Who needs it?

by Matthew T. Messina Some of the most compelling theatre I have ever witnessed was, initially, incredibly unclear. When I encounter a piece of drama that is confusing or unclear to me, I am fascinated by it. All I want to do is figure out what it means, what it is trying to say, why... Continue Reading →

A Dramaturgy of Distance

by Mike Doyle What inspires you? While this is a question that forces us to see beyond ourselves and set higher goals, it is one that I have always shirked away from. I think part of the reason for my distrust of this question is that I conflate the word “inspire” with the word “aspire.”... Continue Reading →

The Dodo-Brained Dramaturg

by Jacob C. Shuler As a child, I was an avid bird-watcher (surely a manifestation of some deep-seated adolescent trauma that rendered me an outsider and an observer). From an uncomfortably young age, my plan had always been to attend college for ornithology, a subgenre of biology dedicated to birds. Though this interest later specified... Continue Reading →

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