Letter from the Editor

by Brittany Squier               With this robust group of posts, I formally end my work on The Grappler here at The Theatre School at DePaul University. When my advisor, Rachel Shteir (head of the Dramaturgy and Criticism program), and I first conceived of this project, we wanted it to be a place to showcase dramaturgical... Continue Reading →


How I came to be here…

by Dexter Zollicoffer Sometimes I can’t believe that I’m starting my 9th year at The Theatre School at DePaul University. It wasn’t so long ago that I was waiting tables and, if I say so myself, I was pretty damn good at it. You see, I liked it. Not only relating to the customers, but... Continue Reading →


by Karly Bergmann                    Nobody wants to read an actor packet. Especially in those cherished hours after class and before rehearsal usually reserved for eating, checking Facebook, and watching Youtube.                    Applying this idea to my dramaturgy work for The Rivals, my assistant dramaturg Anna Bosy and I created a digital actor packet comprised of... Continue Reading →

Boom. February 13-20, 2012

by: Grappler Contributor  Much of this week has been devoted to research. On Wednesday Mike, Jessica, and I met with Kevin to finalize our research topics. Mike is interested in evolutionary theory and script analysis, while Jessica will be looking into natural disasters throughout history and conducting some research on general biology. I will be... Continue Reading →

Boom. February 2012

by Mike Doyle                 Jessica, Francesco, Kevin, and I divided up research topics after meeting and discussing boom. My duties were to investigate the playwright, evolutionary theory, and the bracketed terms of Barbara’s speech. I have not yet begun to do any extensive research regarding evolution, though I obtained three books that I will delve... Continue Reading →

From Magma to Munch: The Science of Survival

by Jessica Allison           Humans, as a species, worry too much. The rise of technology allows us to control many of our worries. Sickness can be squelched with modern medicine and our enemies can be knocked out with nuclear bombs. Scientists are even working on ways to wipe out any wandering space junk that gets... Continue Reading →

Too Close for Comfort?

by Laura Routh             I am drawn to Crooked for a wide-variety of reasons. As an Anglo-Bengali American who used to reside in Mississippi, I understand the bizarre world Lanie and her mother are in. I was friends with the immature, hyper-religious girl whose parents told her naught. I also know the environment that does... Continue Reading →

The Social Stigma of Stigmata

by Catherine Miller          During our first dramaturgical meeting for Crooked Matt, Emily, Laura, Michael, and I decided that we would research a religion we were unfamiliar with. I was born into a Catholic family and attended School of the Madeleine for elementary school and Academy of Our Lady of Peace for freshman year of high... Continue Reading →

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