This Thing Called Dramaturgy…

By: Stephanie Swiatek When I was in elementary school, a huge grin would spread across my face when an adult asked me one simple question—Stephanie, what do you want to be when you grow up? My instant answer was, “I wanted to be a ballerina.” At the time I was immersed in a magical world... Continue Reading →


Why Dramaturgy?

By: Johanna Orr I happened upon dramaturgy. Throughout high school, I was an actor, and thought that I wanted to pursue it as a career. The summer after my junior year, I attended a six-week musical theater program at Carnegie Mellon University. The program was set up to be a small taste of musical theater... Continue Reading →

By: Sean Wiberg Most theatrical performances combine three key elements: technique, imagery and storytelling.  If crafted right, each element will support the others towards the same end: the story of the play.  The way these elements are layered is essential to how that story is told. When it comes to composing a performance, who better... Continue Reading →

L’art de vivre

By: Mike Doyle When I left for France this summer, I intended to see some theatre. I was there for ten weeks, and the closest I came was a short street performance I saw in Avignon. I have been telling people that I did not know enough French to understand a performance. But while my... Continue Reading →

Bringing Theatre to the Streets

By: Grappler Contributor I’ve lived in the city of Chicago for about two years now. That’s roughly 730 days. For about 480 days of those two years I’ve been a student. I woke up every morning. Went to class. Came home. Did some homework. Occasionally hung out with friends. Ate whatever was left in the... Continue Reading →

Children and Art

By: Catherine Miller I do not have one matronly bone in my body. When Karen Sharp of Seattle Children’s Theatre came to DePaul this past Spring to speak about her experiences as Education Director and working with children, I immediately pushed away. Being easily agitated by large groups of children, I have always believed that... Continue Reading →

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