Tony Kushner’s Theatre of Exile

By David Y. Chack Four men entered Pardes. One looked and died, one looked and went mad, one ‘cut the shoots’, and one entered in peace and departed in peace. – Babylonian Talmud, Mishnah Hagigah 2:1 I interviewed Tony Kushner in the spring of 2008 in Union Square in New York City. It was fitting... Continue Reading →


The Dramaturg Never Gets the Girl

by Matthew T. Messina “Sir? Will your guest be joining you this evening, or will you be dining alone?” Gotthold looked up at the waitress.   He had been immersed in rereading Three Sisters, the show he was currently dramaturging.  He looked at his watch.  She was forty-five minutes late. Earlier that day, as he... Continue Reading →

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