The MCA and the Art of Interning

By Lucas Baisch My first steps into the back entrance of 220 E Chicago Avenue in January left me intimidated. A combination of megalophobia and my rampant anxieties almost dissuaded me from what I now know was a necessary endeavor. I walked through the doors of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA) thinking sometimes... Continue Reading →


Art for Politics’ Sake

By Maura Kinney For centuries, people have used art as an alternate form of protest, experimenting with music, painting, sculpture, and performance to address issues of violence and oppression. The benefits? Art catches people’s attention, it makes the messages of social and cultural change easier to swallow, and it’s FUN. Just ask anyone who has... Continue Reading →

A Letter from the Editorz

Time and place, always important considerations in the theatre, belong to us: the millennials, the 20somethings, the staff of The Grappler. The year is 2013, the place is Chicago, and they’re ours for the taking. First and foremost, we’ve added a staff. Our operation of two has increased to eleven minds tossing ideas around, fleshing... Continue Reading →

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