Imprisoned by Boredom at Statesville Haunted Prison

by Matthew T. Messina The last time I went to a haunted house I sobbed harder than my five-year-old sister.  I hate haunted houses.  What did I do on Halloween? I went to Statesville Haunted Prison (thanks a lot supportive Grappler staff members!) located in Crest Hill, IL, created by Zombie Army Productions, and directed... Continue Reading →


An Actual Arab on Arabian Nights

by Leila Abdul Razzaq This season, The Theatre School at DePaul University has brought colonialism, Western entitlement, and cultural appropriation—or, according to the play’s synopsis, “a dash of magic”—to The Healy Theatre with Dominic Cooke’s Arabian Nights. As one of the few actual Arab students at The Theatre School, I feel compelled to speak up... Continue Reading →

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