A Letter from The Grappler Editors

The Grappler is back from its Winter hiatus and ready to have an exciting Spring Quarter 2016!

This quarter we will specifically be focusing on representation at The Theatre School and in the broader world of theatre. Look for articles throughout the quarter as well as a thought-provoking forum during the last week of classes.

We are going back to our roots with a renewed focus on dramaturgy. What is dramaturgy and how does it function in our theatre? We’ll take a look at social media, ethics on our stage, new plays, and the multitude of ways that people learn through dramaturgy and apply it to other fields.

Lastly, we will be covering some exciting events that are going on in the world around us, including the themes in the upcoming TTS productions and looking behind the scenes into their rehearsal processes. We will also be on the lookout for important events happening in the larger theatre community.

It will be a busy quarter here at the Grappler. We hope to further include all of the Theatre School in provoking important discussions and we are always thrilled to work with guest writers.  We are excited to engage in these discussions with our community and hope that you will join us!

-Trisha Mahoney & Danielle Szabo


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