Fall Letters from the Editors

Dear Grappler Readers,

In an age of online interaction, it is no wonder that even our professional and political spheres are turning into a competition of the most meme-worthy characters. It is these events that are the theatrical moments in our day-to-day life, when a democratic election based on votes turns into a system measured by Youtube views, retweets, likes, and shares. As I enter my junior year of college, my world has turned into the theatre that I study in my classroom on a daily basis.

This election season has had a particularly dramatic flare, with pictures of presidential candidates on unicorns becoming a regular occurrence. It makes sense that those who make the most egregious statements are those that attract the most attention, it is a similar phenomenon as the action movies with the biggest explosions earning the most ticket sales. Our society is attracted to the thrill of inappropriate material in public settings, which seems to be a continual theme of the current election.

The Grappler has become a place where we can struggle with the point where the world and the theatre intersect. With the most tumultuous election in full force, we have decided to make the topic of politics in the theatre our focus of the quarter. We look forward to exploring a range of topics this quarter, from the TTS shows to the bigger stage that is national television. I hope that you are ready to grapple with us.

Yours Truly,
Trisha Mahoney, Editor-in-Chief

Dearest Grapplerites:

(That’s a pretty good term for Grappler readers, right? Well it’s just in the pilot stage…)

Wow, do we have a year in store for you! The Grappler is bigger and better than ever before!

At the moment, we are slated to publish around two articles a week. Yes, a week!

This quarter’s theme (oh, yes, we now have quarterly themes – that’s what all of the coolest and snobbiest publications do) is elections. It’s not something we can escape this term. 2016 has brought us an unprecedented, polarized shit show. The politics of today are invading our theatres and theatre is integral to our politics.

If you have something you’re dying to write about – on theatre, or the elections, or pop culture, or a creative writing exercise in second person on the topic of climate change, let us know! We’re always looking for guest writers.

Happy Grappling!
Danielle Szabo, Editor-in-Chief


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