Ghostlight Podcast Episode 1: Daniella Ashley Mazzio

Oral History with Daniella A. Mazzio by Yasmin Mitchel


Strangled by the Loop of History

By Emily L. Witt, Staff Writer Graphic by John Heartfield On January 21st, a reality TV star who repeatedly appeared on Howard Stern and once joked that he himself was a sexual predator, was inaugurated as our 45th president of the United States. When I think about the morning of November 9th, I begin to... Continue Reading →

The Standards We Seek

By Trisha Mahoney, Editor-in-Chief Graphic by Danielle Szabo Performers and politicians are practically the same. Both influence the state of our society and are publicly upheld to a certain standard of behavior. While it appears to be an egregious statement, the truth is that in American society, in particular, we place a great importance on... Continue Reading →

Winter Letters from the Editors

Dear Grapplerites, At varying points throughout 2016, it felt like the world may have ended before the year did with the political election and the death of so many incredible performers. With  2017 as a fresh start, The Grappler would like to take a look at why those two things have influenced the entire emotion... Continue Reading →

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