Winter Letters from the Editors

Dear Grapplerites,

At varying points throughout 2016, it felt like the world may have ended before the year did with the political election and the death of so many incredible performers.

With  2017 as a fresh start, The Grappler would like to take a look at why those two things have influenced the entire emotion of year. We here at The Grappler believe that it has to do with power and its relation to corruption. With this as our new theme for the quarter, we would like to forge ahead with you all to explore new arenas and learn from our past.

We know that it has been a bumpy ride this past year but luckily we have plenty of grappling hooks to spare, and we hope to bring you along with us on our journey through 2017.

Still grappling on,
Trisha, Editor-in-Chief

Dearest Grapplerites,

As Trish so eloquently put, 2016 fucking sucked. But 2017 might be worse come Jan 20th. We’re here for you this quarter as we grapple the themes of power and corruption — and as we prepare to move from defense to offense.

We look forward to grappling with you,
Danielle, Editor-in-Chief



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