Ghostlight Episode 6: D. Matthew Beyer

An interview with Drew Matthew Beyer by Yasmin Mitchel


The Re-Whiting of American History

By Rachel Perzynski, Associate Editor Graphic by Klaire Brezinski If you needed more evidence as to how our nation continues to undermine the struggles and triumphs of black Americans, you would only have to pick up a U.S. History textbook at your local library. While looking for resources on antebellum slavery for The Theatre School’s... Continue Reading →

A Question of Equine Consent

By Emily L. Witt, Staff Writer Graphic by Emily L. Witt Great theatre should cause its audience to question their own morality and tolerance. Hampton Cade’s recent lab For Want of a Horse by Olivia Dufalt did just that. Those of us that identify as liberals like to think we’re so satisfyingly open-minded to the... Continue Reading →

Student Politics

By Kelly Garcia, Part-Time Staff Writer Graphic by Klaire Brezinski On January 5, 2017, the Student Government Association at DePaul University met for an annual constitutional review session, behind closed doors, to propose some controversial amendments. One of the amendments proposed denying students who are not in SGA’s general body from running for President or... Continue Reading →

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