Take it or Leave it, But at Least Consider It!

Article and Graphic by Natalia Janusz As each of us navigates our careers, we tend to pick up wisdom from older people who have been in the business for decades. Different lighting designers, technicians, programmers, and crew chiefs have been the older voice in my life as I work my way through the lighting industry.... Continue Reading →


Why is White Always Right?

by Bri Schwarz, Editor-in-Chief You see: Shakespeare. Strindberg. Ibsen. Miller I see: White. White. White. Male. White. White. White.  Whitewhitewhitewhitewhite. When I began my freshman year at DePaul, I was told these were the everymen of theatre. These were gods that I was not allowed to question because they originated the theatre we know today.... Continue Reading →

The Danger of Disbelief

by Rebecca Galkin, Part Time Staff Writer Due to rocky relations between Cuba and the United States and recent changes with U.S security from the Trump administration, Ludi Teatro, a Cuban theatre company, is canceling their production of The Mirror. This play was slotted as the opening production for Destinos, the first Chicago International Latino... Continue Reading →

Any Clue to Terminal Hip?

by Trisha Mahoney Graphic by Bri Schwartz In over the 200 plays that I have read in my 21-year-old life, there has only been one that I have vehemently hated. Guess what? Terminal Hip is that play. I have been avoiding this for years. Reading Mac Wellman’s Terminal Hip is experiencing the death of everything... Continue Reading →

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