Letter From the Editors

Hello, wonderful Grapplerites!

We here at The Grappler are excited for the promise of what 2018 has to bring, and hope that you are excited about the potential change that could be brought about within this new year. Part of the ability to change or to encourage change is to start with looking at how we interact with the human beings around us. Which brings us to the theme of The Grappler this quarter: identity through perception.

What are the assumptions that we make when we are interacting with the people around us? How does that influence the quality of that interaction. We often talk about how to best have ethical conversations, and part of that conversation is how to understand the person that we are talking with. Do our perceptions of identity hinder or heed our discussions.

Setting New Year’s’ resolutions are usually about a personal change. Here at The Grappler, our resolution is to further understand the persons around us.

We hope that you will join us in this discussion as we welcome a new year in!

Keep grappling,

Trisha M. and Bri S.


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