The Art of Satire, and Those Who Fail to Make It

by Mariah Schultz and Aidan Senn There is a fine line between satire and humor. The two can often coalesce, but humor is merely a byproduct of satire, not the sole function. At its heart, satire is meant to critique a clear truth in an exaggerated and often ¬†absurd (and humorous) extent. It requires precise... Continue Reading →


Fleabag: The Anti-Rom Com

by Maddy Mason Ryan Gosling holds Rachel McAdams up in the pouring rain. Leo and Kate look longingly off to the side as their giant faces flank the RMS Titanic. Jennifer Garner skips in front of an outline of New York city, wearing a little slip and trenchcoat. The Rom-Com ranks pretty low for me... Continue Reading →

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