Mission Statement

The Grappler strives to create a brave space for DePaul students to tackle issues affecting their lives, especially, but not limited to, those concerning art and theatre. The publication is run by students who want to engage in constructive dialogue with The Theatre School, DePaul University, the greater Chicago area, and beyond through articles, artistic responses, and public programming. The Grapplers believe that increased dialogue can bring people together in a stronger community and foster empathy between different perspectives. The Grapplers also seek to expand their artistic education, engage with new art forms, challenge tradition, and question standards.


3 responses to “Mission Statement

  1. Bravo! Too often, a dramaturg’s work is unseen and unrecognized, buried deep within the production process. It is so embedded, in fact, that it is sometimes impossible to point to it and say, there is the fruit of my labor. Sure, it is sometimes apparent in a program note or the perfunctory lobby display, but that is merely the tip of the iceberg that is the dramaturg’s contribution to the process. So thank you for making the process more transparent, for opening up the discussion on how to make the process richer and more rigorous for everyone, and for sharing/archiving the wealth of your work.

  2. As a graduate of the Dramaturgy/Criticism program (2005), I’m excited to see a new forum for your work at the Theatre School! Great idea, and good luck–looking forward to more posts!

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