Mission Statement

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “grapple” as “to take hold of (a person or thing) with the hands; to seize; to grip firmly; hence, to come to close quarters with.” The Grappler is an online dramaturgy blog that engages with the arts, theatre, and more specifically dramaturgy, via thoughtful criticism and commentary. We use this blog to share and document our writings, ideas, videos, images, and stories.

3 thoughts on “Mission Statement

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  1. Bravo! Too often, a dramaturg’s work is unseen and unrecognized, buried deep within the production process. It is so embedded, in fact, that it is sometimes impossible to point to it and say, there is the fruit of my labor. Sure, it is sometimes apparent in a program note or the perfunctory lobby display, but that is merely the tip of the iceberg that is the dramaturg’s contribution to the process. So thank you for making the process more transparent, for opening up the discussion on how to make the process richer and more rigorous for everyone, and for sharing/archiving the wealth of your work.

  2. As a graduate of the Dramaturgy/Criticism program (2005), I’m excited to see a new forum for your work at the Theatre School! Great idea, and good luck–looking forward to more posts!

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