The Workshop Podcast

May 14, 2019 To kick off this year's Wright's of Spring, Jake Pinckes, a 4th year Theatre Arts major has teamed up with the Grappler to record several podcast interviews. The name of this podcast, The Workshop, is a play on this year's theme, "Santa's Workshop," and is also a tribute to the process of writing play via... Continue Reading →

Letter From The Editors

The Grappler is back from summer vacation and ready to write! First and foremost, The Grappler says goodbye to our co- Editor in Chief Trisha Mahoney as she embarks on a year in Germany. We welcome Jordan Scott Hardesty to the position. The Grappler looks forward to two more years with Jordan as Editor in... Continue Reading →

We Need a Comedy of Humanity

by Jordan Scott Hardesty The United States deserves a good laugh. We’ve been wrapped up in news articles, disingenuous speeches, suffering, and chaos for well over a year and honestly, it’s taking a toll on our mental health. A couple of years ago, we wouldn’t willingly look to argue with strangers on the internet over... Continue Reading →

Who IS the Big Bad Wolf?

by Trisha Mahoney I watch a lot of television. And a lot of superhero films. They are a wonderful escape from the reality of my daily grind of navigating difficult and nuanced socially conscious conversations. I love my job as a dramaturg, but those conversations are easier to have when it is black and white.... Continue Reading →

Laura Biagi’s S.A.D Self Love

by Emma Durbin When I am single on Valentines Day, do I feel failure because I am lonely, or is it because I’ve been told that my relationship status determines my value as a human being? And what if I chose to be alone and ignore “Galentine's” Day? Does my decision to not be with... Continue Reading →

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