Let’s Chat: Interview with Matthew Douglas Carpenter

By Liz Baughman, Staff Writer


Laura Biagi’s S.A.D Self Love

by Emma Durbin When I am single on Valentines Day, do I feel failure because I am lonely, or is it because I’ve been told that my relationship status determines my value as a human being? And what if I chose to be alone and ignore “Galentine's” Day? Does my decision to not be with... Continue Reading →

DePaul student defies odds, runs for office

Since the Presidential election, the political climate in the U.S. has been thunderous and cloudy with a small chance of “snowflakes”. Millions around the world have gathered to protest the 46th President in an effort to preserve basic human rights that are no longer being taken into consideration by the new administration. It has sparked... Continue Reading →

WoS Edition: Interview with Carlos Murillo

Graphic by Raquel Villalobos By Rachel Perzynski, Associate Editor Carlos Murillo, the Head of the Playwriting Department at The Theatre School as well as an internationally produced playwright, sat down with me to discuss his experiences working with dramaturgs and how dramaturgy and playwriting intersect.     Rachel Perzynski: When working with dramaturgs on your... Continue Reading →

WoS Edition: Interview with Kaysie Bekkela

Graphic by Raquel Villalobos By Rachel Perzynski, Associate Editor As someone who has had experience as both a dramaturg and a playwright, Kaysie Bekkela brings a different perspective to how the two roles intersect. Bekkela is one of the playwrights involved with the Wrights of Spring festival, an annual two-week celebration of new plays by... Continue Reading →

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