Letter from the Editors: Summer 2019 Edition

School is out, but the Grappler’s in. Sorry. We just like writing a bit too much. There are way too many things that we want to grapple with–so, no–we are not taking a summer break. We are in the midst of planning for next year. In conversation with TTS’s season, The Grappler will focus on... Continue Reading →

Letter From The Editors

The Grappler is back from summer vacation and ready to write! First and foremost, The Grappler says goodbye to our co- Editor in Chief Trisha Mahoney as she embarks on a year in Germany. We welcome Jordan Scott Hardesty to the position. The Grappler looks forward to two more years with Jordan as Editor in... Continue Reading →

Letter From the Editors

Hello, wonderful Grapplerites! We here at The Grappler are excited for the promise of what 2018 has to bring, and hope that you are excited about the potential change that could be brought about within this new year. Part of the ability to change or to encourage change is to start with looking at how... Continue Reading →

Letter from the Editors

Hello my fellow Grapplers, We are incredibly honored and excited to be serving as your two Editors-in-Chief for the 2017-2018. The Grappler is an incredible organization with members dedicated to our mission of grappling with current events in theatre and beyond. In our current socio-political sphere, what more could a student organization could ask for?... Continue Reading →

Spring Quarter Letters from the Editors

Dear Grapplerites, Here at The Grappler, we have always been invested in taking a deeper look at the world around us. We firmly believe that what has happened historically or what is happening now does not need to stay that way. This is why we read, write, and most importantly, discuss. In order to make... Continue Reading →

Winter Letters from the Editors

Dear Grapplerites, At varying points throughout 2016, it felt like the world may have ended before the year did with the political election and the death of so many incredible performers. With  2017 as a fresh start, The Grappler would like to take a look at why those two things have influenced the entire emotion... Continue Reading →

Fall Letters from the Editors

Dear Grappler Readers, In an age of online interaction, it is no wonder that even our professional and political spheres are turning into a competition of the most meme-worthy characters. It is these events that are the theatrical moments in our day-to-day life, when a democratic election based on votes turns into a system measured... Continue Reading →

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