Train Talk

By Jordan Scott Hardesty This conversation was immediately interrupted by a group of three men across the aisle of the train, who were also sporting their playbills. The men were closer to my age, and they were archetype of those who frequent Cubs bars in Lakeview. One said, “We heard you talking about the play and we wanted to join in.” It was around this point that it became clear that this was becoming a talkback.


Fleabag: The Anti-Rom Com

by Maddy Mason Ryan Gosling holds Rachel McAdams up in the pouring rain. Leo and Kate look longingly off to the side as their giant faces flank the RMS Titanic. Jennifer Garner skips in front of an outline of New York city, wearing a little slip and trenchcoat. The Rom-Com ranks pretty low for me... Continue Reading →

We Need a Comedy of Humanity

by Jordan Scott Hardesty The United States deserves a good laugh. We’ve been wrapped up in news articles, disingenuous speeches, suffering, and chaos for well over a year and honestly, it’s taking a toll on our mental health. A couple of years ago, we wouldn’t willingly look to argue with strangers on the internet over... Continue Reading →

Who IS the Big Bad Wolf?

by Trisha Mahoney I watch a lot of television. And a lot of superhero films. They are a wonderful escape from the reality of my daily grind of navigating difficult and nuanced socially conscious conversations. I love my job as a dramaturg, but those conversations are easier to have when it is black and white.... Continue Reading →

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