The Oldest Profession

by Maddy Mason My theatrical career began in the ensemble. I played the pivotal role of Bystander #1 in Les Miserables, screaming “Look out!” as I ran down the dark aisles of the 24th Street Theater. Without this crucial line said by Bystander #1, we would not have the emotional stakes of the Runaway Cart... Continue Reading →


Take it or Leave it, But at Least Consider It!

Article and Graphic by Natalia Janusz As each of us navigates our careers, we tend to pick up wisdom from older people who have been in the business for decades. Different lighting designers, technicians, programmers, and crew chiefs have been the older voice in my life as I work my way through the lighting industry.... Continue Reading →

The Danger of Disbelief

by Rebecca Galkin, Part Time Staff Writer Due to rocky relations between Cuba and the United States and recent changes with U.S security from the Trump administration, Ludi Teatro, a Cuban theatre company, is canceling their production of The Mirror. This play was slotted as the opening production for Destinos, the first Chicago International Latino... Continue Reading →

DePaul student defies odds, runs for office

Since the Presidential election, the political climate in the U.S. has been thunderous and cloudy with a small chance of “snowflakes”. Millions around the world have gathered to protest the 46th President in an effort to preserve basic human rights that are no longer being taken into consideration by the new administration. It has sparked... Continue Reading →

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