Letter from the Editors: Summer 2019 Edition

School is out, but the Grappler’s in. Sorry. We just like writing a bit too much. There are way too many things that we want to grapple with–so, no–we are not taking a summer break. We are in the midst of planning for next year. In conversation with TTS’s season, The Grappler will focus on... Continue Reading →


The Workshop Podcast

May 14, 2019 To kick off this year's Wright's of Spring, Jake Pinckes, a 4th year Theatre Arts major has teamed up with the Grappler to record several podcast interviews. The name of this podcast, The Workshop, is a play on this year's theme, "Santa's Workshop," and is also a tribute to the process of writing play via... Continue Reading →

The Takedown: The Problem with Movie-Musicals

By Emma Demski, Staff Writer May 10, 2019 Completely original shows on Broadway are rather rare. However, the recent tidal wave of movie-musicals hitting Broadway feels excessive, even though it was inevitable. Movie-musicals have proven time and time again to be very successful. They make money, and in short investors are more willing to put... Continue Reading →

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