Train Talk

By Jordan Scott Hardesty This conversation was immediately interrupted by a group of three men across the aisle of the train, who were also sporting their playbills. The men were closer to my age, and they were archetype of those who frequent Cubs bars in Lakeview. One said, “We heard you talking about the play and we wanted to join in.” It was around this point that it became clear that this was becoming a talkback.


Please stop using Donald Trump as your Punchline.

by Emma Durbin What is the goal of your play? Many playwrights have an individual idea of what their writing is, and how they hope to impact an audience. However, many theatres are commissioning plays that reflect on today’s political realm with some means of distance. A playwright will present a play about the past... Continue Reading →

Letter From The Editors

The Grappler is back from summer vacation and ready to write! First and foremost, The Grappler says goodbye to our co- Editor in Chief Trisha Mahoney as she embarks on a year in Germany. We welcome Jordan Scott Hardesty to the position. The Grappler looks forward to two more years with Jordan as Editor in... Continue Reading →

We Need a Comedy of Humanity

by Jordan Scott Hardesty The United States deserves a good laugh. We’ve been wrapped up in news articles, disingenuous speeches, suffering, and chaos for well over a year and honestly, it’s taking a toll on our mental health. A couple of years ago, we wouldn’t willingly look to argue with strangers on the internet over... Continue Reading →

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