A Question of Equine Consent

By Emily L. Witt, Staff Writer Graphic by Emily L. Witt Great theatre should cause its audience to question their own morality and tolerance. Hampton Cade’s recent lab For Want of a Horse by Olivia Dufalt did just that. Those of us that identify as liberals like to think we’re so satisfyingly open-minded to the... Continue Reading →


The Ten Commandments for Dramaturging Shakespeare

By Mariah Schultz, Associate Editor Graphic by Daniella Ashley Mazzio When it comes to working with playwrights, Shakespeare is definitely a fickle fellow. Commanding the language, deciphering relationships, and pilfering through tons of research can be demanding for even a dramaturg extraordinaire. And Shakespeare isn’t even alive, making the brunt of your work grueling at... Continue Reading →

Reflections on the Loneliest Whales

By Danielle B. Szabo, Editor-in-Chief Graphic by Daniella Ashley Mazzio Fellow Grappler Ben Claus’ play, 52 Hertz, offers a unique look into the life of a school shooter. As the dramaturg on the production, I submerged myself into the research—Columbine, Virginia Tech, Buddhism, violence, masculinity, etc. I even had three school shooter nightmares. But now... Continue Reading →

Diversify, Defy, or Die

Graphic by Danielle Szabo By Daniella Mazzio, Staff Writer Members from all across The Theatre School community gathered in the Fullerton lobby on February 11th to attend the event announcing the 2016-2017 season. While every season’s announcement has always brought its fair share of buzz, this was the first time a celebration was held to... Continue Reading →

Ode to the Dramaturg

Graphic by Adam Elliott By Danielle Szabo, Editor-in-Chief “I’m the dramaturg for this production.” “Did you just say “drama TURD”? “No, dramaturG… It’s German.” “But what do you do?” “Basically, I’m there for the playwright and the director. Especially if the director’s vision starts to disagree with the text of the play, I’m there to... Continue Reading →

Do These Questions Need Answers?

Graphic by Klaire Brezinski By Trisha Mahoney, Editor-in-Chief “Do you believe in God” “Does it matter?” “It might.” These words in Marilyn Campbell and Curt Columbus’s adaptation of Crime and Punishment puzzled me. What was the message that the adapters were trying to share with the audience? I was thrilled to be assigned as one... Continue Reading →

Women: How We Perceive Casting

By Trisha Mahoney, Editor-in-Chief “Is there such a thing as a woman’s story?” It was just a discussion in a class. Nothing that I should have gotten worked up over but it was a discussion that got me thinking. We were reading Mike Bartlett’s Contractions which features two women and it is about the way... Continue Reading →

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