The Oldest Profession

by Maddy Mason My theatrical career began in the ensemble. I played the pivotal role of Bystander #1 in Les Miserables, screaming “Look out!” as I ran down the dark aisles of the 24th Street Theater. Without this crucial line said by Bystander #1, we would not have the emotional stakes of the Runaway Cart... Continue Reading →


The Play I Almost Didn’t See (Or King of the Yees)

By Bri Schwartz, Event Coordinator Graphic by Danielle B. Szabo King of the Yees by Lauren Yee at the Goodman Theatre may have been one of the most personal theatre experiences I have ever had. I am a rare breed: a Chinese-American theatre artist. While it is normally very hard to find work by other... Continue Reading →

Bad and Nasty = Bust

By Bri Schwartz, Event Coordinator Graphic by Klaire Brezinski “Real artists are always waiting for a revolution. When that day comes, they will be the ones who speak for the masses.” When a 14 year old Bri heard this come out of her theatre teacher’s mouth, she was inspired. She made it her goal to do... Continue Reading →

Listening to Hear

By Yasmin Mitchel, Associate Editor Graphic by Danielle B. Szabo I hear the cane before anything else, the soft, confident thwack against the door. Pulling the door open with the cane's crooked head, she wobbles into the classroom locking eyes with me. She is bundled in a long, worn coat, a couple buttons missing —... Continue Reading →

Spring Quarter Letters from the Editors

Dear Grapplerites, Here at The Grappler, we have always been invested in taking a deeper look at the world around us. We firmly believe that what has happened historically or what is happening now does not need to stay that way. This is why we read, write, and most importantly, discuss. In order to make... Continue Reading →

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