“Hello, Dolly!” and the Future of the Diva

By Emma Demski


The Oldest Profession

by Maddy Mason My theatrical career began in the ensemble. I played the pivotal role of Bystander #1 in Les Miserables, screaming “Look out!” as I ran down the dark aisles of the 24th Street Theater. Without this crucial line said by Bystander #1, we would not have the emotional stakes of the Runaway Cart... Continue Reading →

Bad and Nasty = Bust

By Bri Schwartz, Event Coordinator Graphic by Klaire Brezinski “Real artists are always waiting for a revolution. When that day comes, they will be the ones who speak for the masses.” When a 14 year old Bri heard this come out of her theatre teacher’s mouth, she was inspired. She made it her goal to do... Continue Reading →

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